Karur Vysya Bank Ltd

Karur Vysya Bank Ltd (71.50 to 133.30)

Recommended on: 19-Oct-2022
Recommended Price: 71.50
Today’s High: 133.30
Return Till Date: 86.43%
Date: 03-July-2023

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Karur Vysya Bank – Driving Growth Through Robust Financial Services

Karur Vysya Bank, a privately held Indian bank headquartered in Karur, Tamil Nadu, has been providing excellent banking services for over 100 years. With a strong distribution network and a focus on customer-centricity, the bank offers a wide range of banking and financial services to cater to the needs of personal and business customers.

Business Segments:

Karur Vysya Bank operates in four key business segments:

  • Commercial Banking Group (CBG): Provides customized loans, commercial loans, MSME loans, mortgages, gold loans, corporate credit cards, and transaction banking services.
  • Corporate and Institutional Group (CIG): Offers working capital finance, term loans, specialized corporate finance products, and liquidity management solutions.
  • Personal Banking Group (PBG): Provides housing loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, vehicle loans, current accounts, savings accounts, fixed deposits, FASTag, debit cards, demat services, and bancassurance.
  • Agricultural Banking Group (ABG): Offers crop loans, dairy loans, fishery loans, poultry loans, horticulture loans, warehouse receipt loans, joint liability group loans, and gold loans.

Distribution Network:

Karur Vysya Bank engages with its customers through a strong distribution network spread across 19 states and 3 Union Territories. Customers can conveniently connect with the bank through branches, PoS terminals, ATMs, cash deposit machines, and Business Correspondents.

Solid Performance:

The bank has demonstrated solid all-round performance, achieving significant business growth, increased profitability, and improved asset quality. With a focused approach towards digitalization, Karur Vysya Bank has delivered uninterrupted services to its customers, even during challenging times. The total business of the bank has crossed ₹1,25,000 Crore, with the best-ever net profit reported at ₹673 Crore, reflecting an 87% year-on-year increase.

Granular Portfolio Focus:

Karur Vysya Bank has strengthened its branch and sales channels to drive better customer engagement and acquisition. This has resulted in the expansion of their CASA deposit base and a reduction in the cost of funds. The bank has witnessed growth in retail advances and agricultural portfolios, leveraging strategies like direct lending, participation in government schemes, and innovative products in the warehousing and commodities sectors.

Partnerships with New-Age Players:

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Karur Vysya Bank has formed strategic partnerships with various FinTech companies to expand its reach and impact. These partnerships have enabled the bank to widen its customer base, particularly in the retail, MSME, and agriculture segments. Additionally, the bank has integrated digital solutions, such as account aggregator services and digital loan origination systems, to simplify and streamline processes.

Building a Dynamic Workforce:

Karur Vysya Bank believes in nurturing its workforce, with a focus on continuous learning and skill development. The bank has implemented an Internal Flex Training Program to enhance productivity and motivation. To keep pace with rapid changes in the industry, the bank has established a Digital Centre of Excellence (DCOE) to equip its employees with the necessary skills for handling complex tasks and taking on higher responsibilities.