Precision Camshafts

Precision Camshafts (134 to 192)

Recommended on: 24-April-2023
Recommended Price: 134
Today’s High: 192
Till Date Return: 43.28%
Date High Made: 15-June-2023

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Precision Camshafts Ltd: A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Camshafts

Precision Camshafts Ltd is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of camshafts, a critical engine component in the passenger vehicle segment. With over 150 varieties of camshafts for passenger vehicles, tractors, light commercial vehicles, and locomotive engine applications, the company has a global market share of 8% to 9%.

Manufacturing Facilities and Capacity

The company has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Solapur, Maharashtra – an EOU unit and a domestic unit. The EOU unit consists of four foundries and three machine shops, primarily exporting products to overseas customers. The domestic unit consists of one foundry and one machine shop, catering to domestic customers. The company’s aggregate capacity is 15.6 million camshafts.

Complete Solutions Provider

Precision Camshafts is a complete solutions provider for camshafts manufactured by different technologies, earning a major chunk of its revenue from the export of camshafts to various OEMs, directly and indirectly. The company is a niche player in the camshaft segment and the largest supplier in the domestic market with a market share of ~70%. It is also the preferred supplier of casting camshaft to some of the global and domestic Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai (India), Tata Motors, and M&M, while OEMs such as General Motors and Ford constitute its largest global customers.

Joint Ventures and Exclusive Agreements

In order to strengthen business operations in Asia, the company has entered into two joint ventures with NSPCL. The first, Ningbo Shenglong PCL Camshafts Company Limited, is for machining of camshafts, and the second, PCL Shenglong (Huzhou) Specialised Casting Company Limited, is for setting up a foundry in China. The machine shop in Ningbo, China commenced production in April 2013.

The company has also entered into an exclusive agreement with EMAG, a German machining and tooling process company, for the transfer of certain know-how and technology in order to strengthen its foray into assembled camshafts and expand its business operations in the European market.