Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd

Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd (105 to 135)

Recommended on: 09-April-2023
Recommended Price: 105
Today’s High: 135
Return Till Date: 28.57%
Date High Made: 17-Aug-2023

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Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd (GWIL) has established itself as the domestic leader in electroplating solutions, operating across three key business segments – surface finishing, engineering, and shopping mall. With a rich history dating back to 1940, GWIL has continuously evolved to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Through an extensive product portfolio, the company offers complete coating solutions under one roof, showcasing its expertise in corrosion and protection solutions. This research report aims to provide an expert analysis of GWIL’s growth opportunities, highlighting its market leadership, diversified revenue profile, and potential for expansion.

Company Overview

GWIL, originally established by British nationals, was taken over by the More family in 1991. It has since become a trendsetter in the general metal finishing industry, excelling in surface finishing and engineering equipment. The company expanded into the paints production sector and ventured into real estate development, exemplified by its sprawling shopping center in Mumbai.

Surface Finishing Segment:

GWIL’s surface finishing segment, accounting for 83% of revenues in the first nine months of FY23, comprises the chemicals, paints, and oil divisions. The company manufactures and sells electroplating chemicals, intermediates, and other specialty chemicals under the chemical division. In the paints division, GWIL produces high-performance industrial coatings, pipeline coatings approved for drinking water applications, marine coatings, anti-fouling coatings, and aerospace and defense coatings. The oil division manufactures various oil and lubricants.

Engineering Segment:

With a 13% share of revenues in the first nine months of FY23, the engineering segment plays a crucial role in GWIL’s business. The company specializes in manufacturing and providing turnkey solutions for electroplating plants, effluent treatment plants, and other engineering products. Remarkably, GWIL has successfully commissioned over 800 plants worldwide.

Shopping Mall Segment:

GWIL’s shopping-cum-entertainment mall, located in Mumbai, contributes 4% to the company’s overall revenue. It spans an area of 475,000 sq ft, with 247,000 sq ft designated as leasable space.

 Leadership Position in Electroplating Chemicals:

GWIL maintains a dominant position in the domestic electroplating chemicals industry, benefiting from its six-decade-long track record and possessing a significant market share of around 30%. Despite growing competition from both domestic and international companies, GWIL has sustained its leadership position due to its outstanding reputation and commitment to quality.

Diversified Revenue Profile:

The company boasts a moderately diversified revenue profile, attributable to its operations in different business divisions. The surface finishing segment encompasses electroplating chemicals, paints, oil, and lubricants, while the engineering segment focuses on turnkey solutions. Additionally, GWIL’s shopping mall segment enhances revenue streams. This diversified approach shields the company from potential downturns in any specific business segment.

Growth Opportunities and Outlook:

GWIL is well-positioned to leverage its diversified revenue profile and expand its market presence. With a robust product portfolio and expertise in various industries, including automobiles, consumer durables, and gems and jewelry, the company has significant growth prospects. Furthermore, GWIL’s successful foray into industrial paints and engineering solutions strengthens its position and mitigates any potential impact from downturns in specific segments.

Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd stands as a domestic leader in the electroplating industry, known for its comprehensive coating solutions. The company’s three business segments, surface finishing, engineering, and shopping mall, contribute to a diversified revenue profile. GWIL’s market leadership in electroplating chemicals, coupled with its ability to provide turnkey engineering solutions, positions it for continued growth. With a strong track record and resilient financial performance, GWIL is poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate future market challenges effectively.