Dreamfolks Services Ltd

Dreamfolks Services Ltd (387 to 667)

Recommended on: 15-Feb-2023
Recommended Price: 387
Today’s High: 667
Return Till Date: 72.35%
Date: 05-July-2023

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Dominant Player in India’s Airport Service Aggregator Market

Deam Folks Services Limited (DSL) is a technology-driven platform that provides an enhanced airport experience to passengers through its airport service aggregator platform. It integrates global card networks, card issuers, and other corporate clients with airport lounge operators and service providers. DSL facilitates access to various airport-related services such as lounges, food and beverage, spa, meet and assist, airport transfer, transit hotels, and baggage transfer. With a strong market presence and a vast network of lounges and service providers, DSL has become the leading player in India’s airport lounge aggregation industry.

Dominance in the Airport Lounge Aggregation Industry:

With an asset-light business model, DSL has achieved dominance in the airport lounge aggregation market in India. It provides access to 100% of the 54 operational lounges in India, capturing over 95% of card-based access to airport lounges. In Fiscal 2022, DSL accounted for approximately 68% of the overall lounge access volume in India. Its extensive partnerships with card networks, card issuers, and corporates have allowed DSL to broaden its customer base and maintain its dominant position in the industry.

Entrenched Relationships with Marquee Clients:

DSL has established strong relationships with prominent global card network providers, Indian banks, and corporates. It has tie-ups with all five card networks operating in India, including Visa, Mastercard, Diners/Discover, and RuPay. Some of India’s largest card issuers, such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank, are also key clients of DSL. These relationships have enabled DSL to expand its services beyond lounge access and provide a comprehensive airport experience to clients and their customers.

Flywheel Effect:

DSL’s dominant market position has created a flywheel effect, attracting more clients and operators to its platform. Its extensive coverage of lounges and strong client base make DSL an attractive choice for both parties. DSL’s platform integrates with clients’ systems, providing real-time visibility of transactions, benefits calculation, and utilization tracking. This level of integration further strengthens the relationship between DSL, its clients, and operators, creating a network flywheel effect that reinforces DSL’s market position.

Capitalization on Growing Consumer Base:

DSL capitalizes on the growing consumer base of air travelers and card users without incurring any direct acquisition costs. Consumer acquisition is handled by DSL’s clients, who leverage DSL’s technology-driven solutions and platform to provide value-added airport services. The growth in DSL’s consumer base is driven by the expansion of its client base, the increasing number of credit and debit cards, and the frequency of lounge access. DSL’s ability to retain clients and generate recurring revenue showcases its effective financial management.

Scalability Through Proprietary Technology:

DSL’s proprietary technology platform ensures scalability and a hassle-free experience for all entities on its platform. The platform addresses benefits calculation, real-time transaction visibility, fraud prevention, and customization of access models. DSL continually invests in its technological platform, offering bespoke solutions and deep integration to its clients. This focus on technology innovation sets DSL apart from